Designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions, DURALIDS embody all the features needed for long life and ease of use. Made of UV stabilised high density polyethylene copolymer resin, Duralids have excellent ageing characteristics which guarantee a long service life.

waste bin lids
waste bin lids


DURALID Material


Multiple Hinge Supports

Streamline Ribbing

Locking Bar Channel

Hand Grip

Hinge Bar Channel

M8 Locking Nut

Moulded in Reminder

Heavy Duty Lid Stay Bracket

Duralid Range

CodeDescriptionPallet QtyFits Waste Bin Size
DSBLSmall Blue Duralid321.5m³
DSBKSmall Black Duralid321.5m³
DSYSmall Yellow Duralid321.5m³
DSRSmall Red Duralid321.5m³
DLBLLarge Blue Duralid323.0m³, 4.5m³, 6.0m³
DLBKLarge Black Duralid323.0m³, 4.5m³, 6.0m³
DLYLarge Black Duralid323.0m³, 4.5m³, 6.0m³
DLRLarge Red Duralid323.0m³, 4.5m³, 6.0m³

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