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Introducing Astech Group’s DUROBIN Hook lift Bins

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Astech Group’s DUROBIN hook lift bins are heavy-duty steel waste bins that are designed to withstand even the toughest waste management applications, offering superior quality, durability and much more.

At Astech Group, we understand that quality and durability are critical factors when it comes to waste management. That’s why our DUROBIN hook lift bins are manufactured using the highest quality materials and processes. Each bin is made from heavy-duty steel that can handle even the most rugged waste materials, including construction debris, industrial waste, and hazardous materials. Our bins are also treated with rust inhibitors and high-quality coatings to protect against corrosion and damage, ensuring a long lifespan and maximum durability.

We also understand user safety is a critical aspect to a quality hook lift bin. Our safety features include a rachet locking mechanism to ensure the rear door isn’t going to swing open during transportation. Greaseable wheels and hinges help facilitate movement of the bins, this increases the operator’s safety, and improves the bins ease of use. If requested, we can install high vis tape around the front corners near the bin. This can help to assist the truck driver when reversing up to the hook.  We can also install heavy duty tarps onto the bins before delivery, this helps better contain loads and keeps water out and the waste dry. These tarps are typically made of durable polye material and are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy use.

Efficiency is another key aspect of our DUROBIN hook lift bins. Designed for easy loading and unloading, these bins display a range of features to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime. From reinforced floors to easy-to-use locking mechanisms, our bins are engineered for smooth and hassle-free operation, enabling you to dispose of waste quickly and efficiently. DUROBIN Hook lift bins also feature forklift pockets that allow them to be easily moved around a yard or site without the use of a hook lift truck. This makes them an ideal choice for companies that need to transport materials within a confined space or need to move their bins frequently from one location to another. DUROBIN Hook lift bins also feature a tie-down rail that runs along three sides of the bin. This rail allows operators to secure their load using a hook lift truck’s tarp or other securing methods, ensuring that the load stays in place during transportation. On the larger hook lifts We can also provide a ladder that allows the operator to easily check the waste level in the bin. This is an important feature for waste management companies and construction sites. As it allows operators to monitor the fill level of the bin and schedule pickups or replacements accordingly.

Astech Group offers a wide range of DUROBIN Hook lift Bins that can be customized to suit various industries and applications. One such application is Crane-rated hook lifts that are mainly used on construction sites to transport heavy loads of construction materials. Another application is Mud or Sludge hook lift bins, which are specifically designed for organic materials that produce a lot of water waste. These bins are watertight and have a nozzle at the rear door, making them ideal for industries such as agriculture, food processing, and waste management.

So, If you’re looking for a waste management solution that offers quality, durability and efficiency, look no further than Astech Group’s DUROBIN hook lift bins. With their heavy-duty construction, easy-to-use features, and eco-friendly design, these bins are the ultimate choice for any business or organization that takes waste management seriously. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and to find out how we can help you achieve your waste management goals.

Traditional Tippers Vs Hook lift Trucks 

Waste management is a critical process that involves the collection, transportation, and disposal of waste material. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards the use of hook lift trucks and hook lift bins in waste management. These trucks and bins offer several advantages over traditional tipper trucks, especially in waste collection and construction demolition sites.

One of the primary benefits of using hook lift trucks and bins is their ability to be left on site until they are filled. This means that the truck can move on to other deliveries, while the bins remain in place, ready to be picked up once they are full. This approach saves valuable time and resources, as the truck can be used for other deliveries, rather than waiting for the bin to be emptied before moving on to the next site. This also means that fewer trucks are needed overall, reducing fuel costs and emissions.

Another advantage of using hook lift bins is their lower cost compared to traditional tipper trucks. Hook lift bins are cheaper to manufacture and maintain, which makes them a cost-effective solution for waste management. This cost-effectiveness is particularly important for small waste management companies that are looking for ways to reduce their operating expenses and stay competitive in the market.

Hook lift trucks and bins are also more versatile than traditional tipper trucks. They can be easily craned around civil sites and even craned into and on top of buildings, something that is impossible with a traditional tipper truck. This versatility makes hook lift trucks and bins an ideal choice for waste collection in densely populated areas and construction sites, where space is limited.

Another advantage of hook lift trucks and bins is their ability to come in many different sizes, making them suitable for a variety of different sites. This versatility means that waste management companies can use the right size of bin for each site, reducing waste collection costs and increasing efficiency.

Hook lift bins can also be fitted with a waterproof tarp, just like a tipper truck. This feature ensures that the waste material is securely held in the bin during transportation, reducing the risk of accidents or spills. This is particularly important for hazardous waste materials that require careful handling and disposal.

Finally, hook lift trays can also be used on hook lift trucks, allowing waste management companies to carry more than just waste. Hook lift trays can be used to carry machinery and supplies, making them an essential tool for construction and demolition sites. This flexibility and versatility make hook lift trucks and bins a smart investment for construction, demolition and waste management companies looking to stay competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

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