DURABIN Skip Bins come in 5 standard capacities – 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6m³. They are designed to be picked up, transported and unloaded by trucks with hydraulic skip bin lifting frames. Click below for details of DURABIN Standard and Custom-built Skip Bins options.

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Standard Skip Bins

We endeavour to carry primed stocks of each size of our standard skip bins at all times. These are ready for final coating in the customer’s specified colour. Final coating takes one day from the receipt of correctly coloured paint from our supplier. We have no minimum order quantities and can arrange shipment to any location within Australia. 

Details of the DURABIN Standard Skip Bins are available on request.

Special Skip Bins

We can manufacture special skip bins to your own specifications. Variations include hot dip galvanising, skip bins of non-standard size, skip bins with door, skip bins with lids, crane bins.

Skip Bin Size Guide

2m waste bin

Code: SB2
Size: 2m³
Length: 1800mm
Height: 950mm
Width: 1500mm

3m waste bin

Code: SB3
Size: 3m³
Length: 2400mm
Height: 950mm
Width: 1500mm

4m waste bin

Code: SB4
Size: 4m³
Length: 3200mm
Height: 1000mm
Width: 1500mm

5m waste bin

Code: SB5
Size: 5m³
Length: 3300mm
Height: 1300mm
Width: 1500mm

Code: SB6
Size: 6m³
Length: 3600mm
Height: 1300mm
Width: 1500mm


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