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Designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the Australian Waste and Recycling Industry, DURACASTORS are built to withstand even the toughest conditions. Made specifically to give mobility to frontlift and skip bins these casters can accommodate up to 500kg each (2000kg per set of 4).


DURACASTORS is the premier choice of castor wheels in Sydney and across Australia. Our heavy-duty castor wheels for sale are engineered for uncompromising quality and durability. 

Whether moving equipment or storing heavy materials, DURACASTORS reigns superior in performance. You can rely on us for your industrial activities.



Astech Group is a castor wheel supplier that collaborates exclusively with reputable castor wheel manufacturers, and DURACASTORS earned our trust. 

DURACASTORS products undergo a meticulous manufacturing process that prioritises design and durability, ensuring each castor wheel surpasses industry standards. Expect unwavering product quality that stands the test of time.

Besides DURACASTORS, Astech Group also distributes DUROBIN, DURALIDS and DURASTICKERS.


We consistently stock and update our DURACASTORS inventory. Businesses and individuals can rely on the availability of our high-quality castor wheels, which are essential for smooth operations and durability. 

Astech Group understands the cruciality of having readily available industrial components. Our castor wheels for sale are readily accessible online.


Industry experts and businesses prefer DURACASTORS for superior load-bearing and load-dampening qualities. These castor wheels maximise safety and navigation while handling heavy equipment. 

Beyond quality, our products offer competitive pricing. Contact us for a free price quote. 

DURACASTERS are fitted with high grade ductile cast Iron wheels which have high impact resistance and low rolling resistance, making the bins easier to push. The 150mm diameter wheels are fitted with grease nipples for periodic lubrication to prevent rusting and binding.

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Rigid Castor

DURACASTOR Rigid Castors Type DRC150 have a heavy duty non-swivelling steel frame designed to withstand the vertical impacts and lateral forces to which waste bin castors are subjected, especially those fitted to frontlift bins.


DURACASTOR Swivel Castors Type DSC150 have a heavy-duty swivelling steel frame with machined ball race swivel and high tensile steel kingpin to help withstand the high impact loads to which waste bin castors are subjected, especially those fitted to frontlift bins.

BRAKE castor

DURACASTOR Brake Castors Type DBC150 have a heavy-duty steel swivelling frame like the standard Swivel Castors but are fitted with a wheel brake which provides a positive means of restraining a bin from rolling on a sloping surface.

DURACASTOR Sets available

Product Code: DC4

Duracastor Waste Set – 2 Fixed, 2 Swivel

Product Code: DC4B

Duracastor Waste Set – 2 Fixed , 1 Swivel  , 1 Swivel Braked


Baseplate dimensions & drilling patterns for Waste Bin castors.


Experience the DURACASTOR difference today. Consistent delivery of quality products and responsive services made us the go-to choice for castor wheels in Sydney and beyond.

Other wheel and castor suppliers cannot exceed DURACASTORS’ unmatched durability and performance. Here’s the solution to your industrial and storage needs.

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Astech Group is a manufacturer of premium quality equipment for the waste and recycling industry.

Our association with this industry over many years has enabled us to become one of the leading suppliers In Australia.

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