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Available in 4 Wheel, 2 Wheel and small food waste, in various sizes.

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DURObin 4 Wheel Plastic Bins are for sale in 2 standard capacities – 660L and 1100L. They are ideal for Apartment complexes, Construction sites, Outlet malls, Public places & City parks.


DURObin 2 Wheel Plastic Bins are for sale in 3 standard capacities – 240L, 120 and 60L. They are ideal for Recyclable waste for households, General garbage for public places, Restaurant waste and Agricultural applications.


Food Waste Container 5 Liters with Inner Bin (Body colour white, Lid Colour maroon)

DUROBin products are high-quality products made in Australia. They are durable products made from resilient polymers and coated with high-quality finishes to maximise longevity. We offer a number of different types of DUROBins, including hook lift bins, recycling bins, skip bins, front lift bins, plastic wheelie bins and food waste bins. Our top-quality plastic bins come in various sizes and are made with different types of materials.

Advantages of DUROPlastic



DURObins are proudly produced in Australia.

We ship our products within 3-4 weeks for standard orders.

Astech Group is a manufacturer of premium quality equipment for the waste and recycling industry.

Our association with this industry over many years has enabled us to become one of the leading suppliers In Australia.

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