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Mining Hooklift Bins

Engineered for the rugged terrain of mining sites, these heavy-duty solutions are more than just bins – they’re the backbone of streamlined operations. As a leading provider of mining hooklift containers in Australia, we specifically design these bins to enhance efficiency and handle the rugged demands of the industry. Their robust design streamlines waste disposal while supporting the operational needs of each mining site.

Safety and Efficiency in One Bin

Astech Group’s hooklift bins for mining sites are designed with safety as a paramount consideration, addressing several key aspects to protect workers and enhance operational security.

The construction of hooklift bins focuses on stability during both the transport and loading/unloading processes. Their design minimises the risk of tipping, a crucial factor in preventing accidents on mining sites where uneven terrain is common.

Made from high-grade, durable materials, these heavy-duty hooklift bins for mining withstand the massive impact and abrasive conditions typical in mining operations without compromising their structural integrity. This durability ensures that the bins don’t easily break or deform, reducing the risk of accidents related to structural failure.

On top of these features, the hooklift system allows for a secure connection between the bin and the vehicle, ensuring that bins are safely loaded and transported to prevent on-site accidents.

Your Trusted Source of Mining Hooklift Bin Solutions

Astech Group’s hooklift bins stand out in the Australian mining industry for their unparalleled durability, safety and efficiency. Our mining hooklift skip bin solutions are designed to meet the rigorous demands of mining operations, ensuring a seamless waste management process. 

With a focus on innovation and quality, we offer bins that are not only robust but also adaptable to various mining needs. Explore our comprehensive range of mining waste solutions, including skip bins, frontlift bins, tippler bins and two-wheel and four-wheel plastic bins, tailored for the mining sector. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A hook bin is a bin that is removed from a truck with a hook. It is a stationary bin that is made with heavy-duty steel.

Hook bins come in various sizes, but most have volumes between 10 to 35 cubic metres.

They can store waste made from various materials including glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and soil.
Hook bins can be used to collect both dry and commingled waste. They can be useful for construction projects and other scenarios where you need to store large amounts of waste.
Hook bins can’t store hazardous substances such as asbestos, toxic chemicals and industrial batteries.

You can find common dimensions of our hook bins for sale in the PRODUCT & DIMENSIONS section. They range from 10 to 30 cubic metres.

Hook skip bins are ideal for safely handling large amounts of heavy waste.


Item CodeDescriptionInternal LengthOverall LengthWidthHeight
HL1010m3 Hook Bin6000mm6400mm2350mm960mm
HL1212m3 Hook Bin6000mm6400mm2350mm1110mm
HL1515m3 Hook Bin6000mm6400mm2350mm1340mm
HL1818m3 Hook Bin6000mm6400mm2350mm1570mm
HL2020m3 Hook Bin6000mm6400mm2350mm1720mm
HL2323m3 Hook Bin6000mm6400mm2350mm1945mm
HL2525m3 Hook Bin6000mm6400mm2350mm2100mm
HL3030m3 Hook Bin6000mm6400mm2350mm2480mm

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